Astro Workshop Membership Access Ends 9/30/2023

Weekly Workshops

Astro Workshop Membership Access Ends 9/30/2023

Thank you so very much for being a part of our community. We are incredibly grateful to share our passion for astrology and self-discovery with you. We are reaching out because we will be sunsetting the Astro Workshop Memberships and wanted to explain why we are doing so, provide you with next steps, and thank you for being a loyal and valued member of the CHANI community.

  • Astro Workshop Membership billing cycles will cease after 8/14/2023.
  • Active membership access to the Affirmations, Meditations, and Weekly Workshops will continue through 9/30/2023. However, we strongly recommend downloading all workshop content to your personal storage prior to this date since it will not be available after.

  • The Weekly Astrology Workshops have evolved as a way to make as much content as possible available to members of the CHANI community who are not iOS device users. However, with the launch of the CHANI app on Android, there will be greater access to the full app experience. This includes exclusive features such as personalized transits, which were previously unavailable outside the iOS environment. The CHANI app is free to download and we invite you to explore all of our premium features with a free trial.

    Once again, we give our deepest thanks for your ongoing support for CHANI and we hope to see you in the new app. We truly believe the CHANI app gives the best mix of features, personalization, and ease of access. If you have any questions about this transition please reach out at

    Astro Workshop Membership Access Ends 9/30/2023


    The CHANI Android app is LIVE ⚡