The 2024 Astro Planner

This item is packed and shipped by survivors of gender-based violence making a living wage of $38.46 per hour for their labor through our partnership with Gifted by FreeFrom.

This planner was printed in Los Angeles and is comprised of FSC-certified recycled paper and a mixture of soy- and vegetable-based inks with reduced amounts of VOC. It’s also fully recyclable (including the stickers and spiral), so you can dispose of it responsibly when you’re done. And just like all of our physical products, it’s shipped with eco-friendly materials.

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“Thank you for making these gorgeous, informative, hopeful Astro planners. I love my 2023 planner - it has become part of my morning meditation ritual. So excited to see the new features in the 2024 planner. When I was cycling in Italy this fall I tore out the pages to take with me for the days I was away and then reattached then when I returned to Canada. So grounding and inspiring. Love the stickers - and I add my own now too!”


“For years I have transcribed various teachings from CHANI into my planner. Doing so helps me feel prepared and centered for the upcoming week (or year, in the case of the year ahead reading a which I have done before). I love the app, but I don’t feel like I am able to hold on to the information unless I take notes in my planner. This planner comes at the perfect time for me. This past year, I have struggled to find time for that initial note taking planner time because I have little kids. It feels like the most practical part of the work has been done for me so I can use my precious time to jump right in and do the deeper work. The stickers are cute af. It’s perfect.”


Thank you Team Chani for everything you do! I have your 2023 astro planner and have been using it religiously every day this year. I am an avid journaler and love how easy it is to live in harmony with the seasons. I ordered your 2024 planner and can't wait to use it again next year. Thank you! You guys rock!